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What is branding? And is branding important?

Here at Green Trumpet Design we are passionate about branding. Why? Because we see first-hand what a memorable brand can achieve in terms of sales and results with our clients every day.

When it comes to marketing budgets it can sometimes be tempting to dive straight in and start spending money on pay per click ads, social media campaigns and leaflet drops.

However before you start talking directly to your customers it’s important to think about not only what you’re going to say, but how you’re going to say it (your tone) and what you are going to look like saying it.

In other words, your brand.

Before customers buy from a business they want to know a business and one of the best ways to build a relationship with customers is through your brand. People buy from people they connect with, and online, people buy brands they can relate to, or want to be associated with.

Spending time focusing on your branding, the way in which you build how your business looks and feels, will help the rest of your marketing strategy achieve the results you want.

Your brand can be made up of your name, your logo, your brand colours, icons (brand assets), a strapline and any other feature that will make your business memorable. It’s important to note here that while visual assets will form an important component to your brand, it also encompasses a whole lot more, including (but not limited to) customer service, social responsibility (do you support any charities for example). Design plays a key role in communicating what your brand stands for.

Creating an identity that is unique to your business helps you stand out from your competitors and allows you to start building relationships with potential customers. Typically, a brand is defined and recorded using a set of brand guidelines.

A 2019 report* by Lucidpress showed that the consistent representation of a brand increases revenue by 33%.

The key word here is consistent – repetition is important to help your audience start recognising your brand and connecting with it. That’s why having a strong set of brand guidelines, that can be followed by anyone representing or using your brand, is vital.

So, while it might be tempting to go straight to spending your marketing budget on that social media campaign or taking an advert out it really does pay to pay attention to your branding.


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