Green Trumpet Design was started by Graphic designer Scott Allen and PR executive Sarah Allen. Their mission is to provide your company with digital, print and branding design, unrivalled in quality and affordability.


From road safety firms to jewellers and local councils, we take pride in strengthening your brand, highlighting your key messages and allowing them to be heard. We know that great design, focused messaging and consistency will enable your customer base to understand your business offering as well as 'WHY YOU?'. We've successfully transformed brands, helped launch new vehicles, new products, new stores and educated millions of customers about our clients' products.

GreenTrumpet Design is a member of BNI Farnborough Jets - ‘The’ Business Referral Organisation. 


Our Creative Designer, Scott Allen, is also a Patron of The Knights Foundation Trust www.theknightsfoundation.org ‘We rise by lifting others’.

Scott Allen
Creative designer

GreenTrumpet Design was founded by Scott Allen, Creative designer and long standing trumpet player.

Scott first started his Graphic design career designing for Lavazza, Ducati and Smirnoff in a very cool advertising agency in Turin (Italy), he later became an in-house designer in the LED lighting sector, then worked for a publishers before finally launching GreenTrumpet Design in 2015.

Scott enjoys making his client's customers understand their business.

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