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Are you finding you’re having to explain yourself and work hard to convert your potential clients into invested, long-term clients? Are you finding clients are cancelling their retainers, taking work in-house, cutting corners or taking a long time to build trust? What if you had clients that trusted you right from the start? Before they’ve even called or emailed you. What if you had clients who could very easily refer you and your business to their network, simply because your story is easy to retell? With a solid brand story, clients can understand about you business, your motivations and your ethos. It’s all about trust. 


We offer a brand story package, designed to offer you an all-in-one price for the creation of your brand story. It sets out the creative journey for the brand manager, graphic designer and yourself in order to bring structure to this fluid process.

The first stage of the process involves a professional consultation with a brand manager or graphic designer in order to get to know more about you, your company and your brand.


Your consultation will enable us to structure and articulate a brand story that details your business and its offering. By creating an empathic connection, we walk your clients through the journey of doing business with you. You will be seen as a partner in your client’s business and in the success of their everyday life.

What does our Brand Story package include?


Stage 1 - Brand consultation - The first stage of the brand story package is to have a brand consultation via video-link with an experienced brand manager to deep-dive into your business. We will determine details about your business including when your business was established and the motivation for starting your business. Your brand manager will compile this information for internal use in forming your brand story.


Stage 2 - Demographics - Defining your client persona (sometimes referred to as a hero). Who do you usually do business with? What does that person look like on paper? What problems does this sort of person face and how can your business rescue them from potential failure? This exercise will enable us to bring focus to your brand story, so that it resonates with the reader and builds trust.


Stage 3 - Scouting out the competition - Your brand manager will carry out investigative work into competitor businesses to ensure your business has optimum brand positioning. The results of this research will be reviewed internally as part of the creative development process and discussed between your brand manager and PR consultant. 


Stage 4 - First draft - Your brand manager will work with one of the UK’s leading PR consultants to structure and compose a first draft brand story for your business, which will be sent to you as a PDF. The structure of your brand story will be based on the following:


  • Beginning - Addressing the key problems your client is facing, bringing the audience right down by resonating with the types of problems they are experiencing and bringing them back up with enticing, motivational aspirations for their business. Building trust in your company through clearly outlining your ethics, motivations and ethos.


  • Middle - The guide! (That’s you, or someone in your business) - We will define exactly how you help your client persona, by using a verb-based exercise in your brand consultation. This will focus on the actions you take within your business that saves your clients from the pitfalls they are aware and completely unaware of. Brand stories should be predominantly about others, unless your brand story involves a historical figurehead or a life-changing story, in which case this would be the appropriate place to include the founder’s story.


  • End - The plan - There’s no use seeing a business coach if you get all that advice and do nothing with it. It’s true ‘People buy people’ so if you’re a likeable person you can probably make the sale but you still want to actually help your clients to succeed right? Success breeds success after all. This final paragraph is all about the nitty gritty, telling your customer base what you will do to actually drive them forward. ‘Fear of failure’ is very real amongst business owners. Here we communicate the plan. We inform clients of the structure you put in place and the physical practices you carry out, its important to be specific here. If there is room in the word count here is an appropriate time to talk about how you’ve saved businesses from becoming crumbling messes and instead how they’ve achieved immense success, reached new heights and become exemplary in their industry because of your input at that time. This can be rounded off with a statement about helping the reader to achieve the same success through a call to action.


Stage 5 - Client feedback stage - You have the opportunity to provide your feedback on the first draft of your brand story (outlined in stage 4)


Stage 6 - Amendments and final brand story - Any amendments to the first draft are made in order to create your final brand story - This will be supplied to you via PDF, you are free to use this copy on your website, in fact we’d like you to.


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