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Brand guidelines package

What does our brand guidelines package include?

Brand guidelines are a reference document that you can refer to and share with other professionals such as printers, website designers, promotional merchandisers, advertisers, graphic designers, signage companies you-name-it. A set of brand guidelines will allow you to just get on with business whilst everything is taken care of by your supplier/designer. You can have confidence that the advert or product will be printed in the right font and colours for your brand.


Need a new logo at the same time? Our Logo design package will provide all that you need for one fixed cost, plus you can save £50 by booking our Logo package and Brand Guidelines packages together.

What's the purpose of brand guidelines:

  • Brand guidelines mean you can avoid questions you’re unlikely to have the answer for. Are you really going to remember font names and over 7 colour codes without having all that written down?

  • You’re a lot less likely to have surprises or expensive mistakes when the item you’ve just ordered turns up in the totally wrong colour or font because “you never said”; leaving you with little come-back.

  • Brand guidelines strengthen your brand and give the impression of you being an established, respectable and reliable company. The pay-back on brand guidelines can instantly be achieved by a single order not being messed up.


What do brand guidelines cover?:

Logo - The brand guidelines will define what your official logo is, including all versions of it (often you have an icon, favicon, motif, black/white version for use on backgrounds as well as your main logo). The guidelines could also determine borders around your logo so it always looks its best and gives examples of when to use which logo. The guidelines determine how not to use your logo (squashed, stretched, colour change, text randomly added) which can aid you in any legal claims relating to misuse or representation of your brand, should that occur.

Colours - Every colour has a colour code, well actually it has at least three main codes! Your brand guidelines will list all of your colour codes for all of your colours (CMYK (print), RGB (digital), HEX (web)). This will ensure that your colours remain the same across the board and that your brand stays recognisable, sharp and trustworthy.

Typography - Fonts - I will select and include font typefaces for your business. This usually includes your Logo-Type (the font used in your logo), as well as your title and body fonts and any other required fonts. It also covers suggested font sizes, colours and examples of what those look like when used in conjunction with each other.

Anything outside of these parameters is charged at £40p/h+VAT in accordance with our terms and conditions.


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