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Lockdown activities

Scott Allen
Creative designer


Green Trumpet Design is a local graphic design service, we help businesses to strengthen their brand, communicate with their customers and enhance their visual presence. We're your very own business fanfare! We are working from home and very much open for business during the Coronavirus lockdown.


Right now we're also helping to entertain your kids and inspire them to be creative. All the companies featured in these activities are still open for business in your area (practicing social distancing), please show your support for them by using their services.

We've put these activities together free of charge, to both the businesses and the general public.


To request for your company to feature in our kids activities simply contact us on


Download and print our kids activities below:

Smiling girls sitting at table in elemen
Boy Coloring

Colouring-in - Can you colour in the logos correctly?


Inspire your kids to be a graphic designer for the day. Can they colour in these logos using the right colours?


Colouring-in - Colour the logos

Can you colour in these logos like the examples. Some are easy but some will take a lot more skill. Do you have the attention to detail?

Plus: coming soon...

Colouring-in - Rainbows Galore!

With Rainbows popping up in windows all over the country in support for the NHS, we've created this bumper pack of rainbows and variations on rainbow shapes so you can get involved. Some are traditional rainbows, some are more arty but they are all pure fun! Did you know rainbows are actually round? FACT! 

Re-draw these logos - How accurately can you redraw these logos?

Sometimes Graphic designers have to redraw logos. Can you redraw these logos neatly?

Design a logo for these companies - Be a Graphic Designer for the day

Designing a logo is not as easy as you might think, that said, sometimes the simplest logos are the best. Can your kids create a logo for each of these businesses based on the instructions?

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